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At least some of it.

As usual the Burn was excellent and in some ways unexplainable. At least in my limited lexicon. There was beautiful art, there was art that made me think and art that made me happy and nothing more. The Man burned with spectacular speed and power. The Temple burned with a great rush of flame and a certain solemnity. (A couple thousand Burners sitting silently watching the flames. Amazing.)

And then there are the people. I am still an introvert on the playa so I don't meet as many new people as I would like. But I started a few conversations out of camp. And there were many good in camp conversations.

So that's the short. Maybe I'll get a few more short ones in this week.
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just a tad late.

It was a busy weekend with far too many plans trying to overlap. (still getting used to that whole social life thing)
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

More on my week soon.
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Lots of goings on recently, maybe not terribly interesting stuff, but productivity none the less.

knitting -> I am relearning how to knit. I started it as something to do with my hands when my brain isn't working. Knitting is good for that. I finished my first project on friday. It was just a dish towel, and being acrylic not a very good dish towel. But finishing something felt good. Haven't decided what is next yet.

sewing -> I currently working on a skirt for [livejournal.com profile] yldaeri. More challenging is the fact that I am cutting the pattern for it. Lots of pieces all going together in the wrong way. Exciting.

computer -> The laptops are fixed. One got a new hard drive one got a new screen inverter. Unfortunately the new hard drive meant that the old one was scragged beyond retrieval. Which means I am now trying to cobble together lost data. But I have my little 15" back and Steve gets my shiny 17" to replace his. Now all I need is a new battery and I will be totally mobile again.

Burning Man projects -> Coming along nicely
Give Me Shelter -- Parachute cut and ready to attach to post. Need to pick up some rebar today.

Evap-a-tron -- Still in planning stage, but its a good plan.

Well that is all the update you get for now.
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I realized last summer that I really do identify as a Burner. Not everyone who goes to Burning Man does and that is fine. They go once a year and don't think about it much otherwise. And in 2008 and the first part of 2009 that was me. It was fun, a place to escape for a week. Maybe partly because everyone told me that it would be life changing, or partly because I was only there 4 days, or partly because I was looking forward to performing and couldn't, but for whatever reason Burning Man '08 was not an earth shattering epiphany for me. I mean I 'got' why it was for many people, it just didn't have that overwhelming effect on me. But it planted a seed that took 9 months to blossom into 'OMG OMG are we there yet!'.

I have been sitting here and trying to figure out what I want to say about the above reality. And really I think it is sometimes just a lot of little things. Looking at a bin of colored duct tape wondering if I need a new roll of blue. Or actually enjoying the 'playa egg' (a poof of playa dust in an unexpected location) that I found in my closet 2 weeks ago. How totally excited I get when I find Burners in unexpected locations. (Yes that 70 yo grandmother over there might be one. Or maybe my sister's answer to the phrase "I don't know how we got talking about Burning Man..." Her answer "Of course you were talking about it, It's almost July! We are running out of time!"

But it all really amounts to one thing. Spreading the joy of Burning Man through the following bumper sticker:
"People don't kill people; Burning couches kill people."
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Burning Man muwahaha

So Fire Drums and spending a couple nights with some of my favorite Burners has resulted in much plotting. Firstly, "Give Me Shelter" WILL be erected this year if I have to mainline caffeine at 3AM on Tuesday to get it done. It will have a fuel/tool dump. Why you may ask? Because it will give shelter by day and life giving fire by night. At least one night there will be a loosely organized performance burn and an open burn for all interested lunatics. Our resident leprechaun will be providing lewd commentary and scandalous music.
I am also plotting for a dark steampunk wardrobe. (was use brown when you can get black?) I am trying to keep it cheap (diy) and simple.(I have minor sewing skills) Lots of ideas out there and actually working on my first pattern as we speak.

More to come.

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So thoughts and musings and a long over due post.

First and best I got my first tattoo on tuesday night. It is my burner ink. The first design that i saw and knew I had to get inked. It is a black flame on my sternum. I LOVE it!

Other things:
We have been keeping rather socia, getting out most weekends, I am keeping up with a goal to get together with [livejournal.com profile] julesk every couple weeks.
lots of board game fun. Something we really missed on the left coast.

And lots of birthday fun planned for me!!

more to come :)
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It was very long and too short in the way that my life seems to always roll.
Where to begin?
I went to Burning Man. It was good. It was very good. Better than last year. Never enough hours in the day to live all of it that I wanted to. For now I will leave you the perfect description that [livejournal.com profile] thebroomcloset posted previously.
"Burning Man is not actually about illicit or hedonistic activity. It’s really about community and personal expression, and through the tremendous personal investment and struggle that people go through to get to the desert, to survive there for a week, to create art there, and to be a member of the community, they learn a lot about themselves, and become better people."

Ironically I usually spend the month after Burning Man in a down spiral. (ok only 2 data points but I'm now 2 for 2) a lot of it is environmental. Both years I returned to a downturn in professional stimulation and an empty house. (fur beasts and reptiles not with standing.) Being depressed does not make for productive introspection.
The state of exhaustion and dehydration for a week after doesn't help either.
Things are swinging up again. Frantically packing at the moment. happily trip planning.

More later.
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I started a post saturday but never finished.
"I am feeling very dysphoric right now.
Edgy, almost, though not quite, paranoid.
Feeling full of potential, but not motivated."

So that was my weekend. I hate feeling like that. I didn't get done nearly what I "needed" to. And that feeling that I should have accomplished more usually means that I start reducing my sleep in the hopes of catching up. You can see where this is going. No where good. Last night was the most sleep I've gotten all week. 5 hours. Stellar.

Work has been alright. I have been doing sections of existing buildings for a new project. It isn't my favorite thing but at least sections are interesting. So just about enough work to keep me mostly engaged. This is a nice change.

I leave for Burning Man in 14 hours!! So excited!!! A whole week in the desert with fantastic friends, art and lots of fire. It'll be good to be in a place where I fit and don't have to censor my brain.
The car is mostly packed I'll leave tonight after work.

Probably more of an update later.
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I like River. She is the sane and the insane. The frail and the strong.
And most days, so am i.

So for an update.
[livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat is back stateside. Yea! We are quickly settling back into normal. Today I am trying to clear some of his gear out of the living room. (Yea chores aren't so much our strong point.) I also need to work on our taxes, oh joy. /merf

Got two new piercings yesterday. The cartilage and tragus in my left ear. Something I have been meaning to do for awhile. [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire came with and got her eyebrow done.
These were my first piercings since my second pair in my lobes in HS. We quickly found out I am a bleeder. Good to know, especially if I ever get a tattoo. This morning when I woke up at 3:30 they were completely caked over and very uncomfortable. It took 3 cleaning swabs and a wash cloth to free them up. The upper is still rather irritated but I am successfully resisting fidgeting with them.

We also got up to see Scorch and Jaz. Talked about upcoming fire event, Fire Drums and played with some new prototypes. I should have had my new fans, as the order just got back from the powder coater. But there was a miscommunication in which grip I wanted. Another exhibit of the adage that you will never get what you need if someone else does the ordering. Not a big deal, and I may be able to have a stock set reworked for the better wicks. What can I say, I'm picky.

I am really looking forward to Fire Drums at the end of April. It was my first fire event last year and is a great place to learn new skills and get/share new ideas. There is some very cool fan work going on out there. Including releases and body rolls.

Well that's all for now, more later.
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So things are starting to get moving for Burning Man '09. (Who knows we might even choreograph something this month..or not) I have 2 projects brewing. #1 is a pole and canopy playa installation. But the second I think is my stroke of genius for the week. The 2009 Burning Man BACON survey. This will be the most advanced research ever done into the eternal question: Is bacon THE gateway meat? There have been rumours that strict vegetarians have been caught consuming pig fat in the desert. Is this true? And WHY?
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So first let me say that next year there will be a post-Burn PLAN. A definitive list of what is where, what needs washed and what is stored where.

That said, I have once again found a forgotten piece of gear that I use in default. My black backpack. Since I have not flown w/ 2 carry-ons since August I did not notice its absence. This led to a garage scavenge last night. And there it was with the other desert only gear. It appeared empty. I gave it an obligatory upside down shake and tossed it in the wash. So what do I find after the final spin?

-- A smattering of paper residue, god knows what that was
-- Fire Idol tag
-- Great Circle credentials
-- bent sunglasses
-- 5 bucks
-- small bent carabiner
-- tweezers
-- nail clippers
-- lipstick (fortunately the type in the vial w/ a screw cap)
-- gluestick
-- ink pen

oi. Again with the gear failure. I think the garage is getting cleaned January 5.
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This is only one reason I love this office. An email sent from owner #1:

"Hi All:
Due to the delay in getting some of our new work started, (owner #2) and I have decided we should all enjoy the “down time” as it doesn’t happen every year. Therefore, we will close the office starting noon on Dec 24th and will reopen on Monday January 5th. The following days will be paid holidays.

1-5 pm Dec 24th
Dec 25, 26, 29, 30, 31
January 1,2"

Do you know what this means children?
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Black Rock Art Project

Creative juices are flowing. As the San Diego Fire Conclave starts to gear up for next year so do my planning tendencies. I decided last week that I really want to do a playa installation. I also felt that I wanted it to have some personal criteria. brain dump behind cut )


Sep. 2nd, 2008 13:16
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Post burn hangover.
Am I the only one working today? For your sake I hope so. I am trying to diligently hydrate as I didn't do so well yesterday in Reno and I think that is the cause of some of my more excruciating pain. (and those random bouts of chills)

But it was worth it. All of it.
I came to the desert and lived.
Thank you for coming along.

A more extensive post to come soon-ish.
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The LA Fire Conclave is going to be burning between 2 and 3 o'clock. Pretty much in the middle of no where. The piece starts with a giant flaming jump rope. Trick Concepts is the last part of the show before the renegade. So if you have nowhere better to be stop in and watch me light my hair on fire. (Or brand my arms, yes both, like I managed to do on Wednesday night, ouch) I will also be sequestered there from the time the sun hits the mountains til the man burns, if you haven't found me before that come say hi. :)

Also If you want to see some damn good spinners being heckled into submission Fire Idol will be running once again at 9-ish on Friday at the Shiva Vista Fire Stage, somewhere around 7 o'clock on the esplanade.


Aug. 12th, 2008 12:39
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OK burners I need some guidance. Until recently I was not overly concerned about being able to find a chunk of land to sleep on on Thursday afternoon at Burning Man. Should I be? There are only 4 of us. 3 regular sized tents and ~6' shade thing off the front of mine. Tell what you think. Be honest if you think we're nuts.
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and slowly easing into real life again and working on beating back the effects of jet lag and 2 weeks of random travel. Oh yea add in a sudden lack of [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat. bleh.

So a little sad, very dehydrated, trying to remind my body what vegetables and fiber are, slowly convincing my brain that No it isn't noon its 4 AM. (umm ok more than a little lonely.)

Oh yea and I have 3 weeks til Burning Man. Holy Shit how did that happen?

So things are a little disjointed at the moment. However....

Budapest was BEAUTIFUL. And relaxing and wonderful. We visited a couple smaller towns in Hungary as well before heading to Vienna. Over the next couple days I will start posting a recap and hopefully get pictures up on Flicker quickly. (Question: What is the easiest site for hosting photos that will NOT require registration to view them?)

That's it for now, more to come.
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So I thought I would give you all a taste of what all that fire spin-y stuff looks like. This is the VERY rough footage that was our submission/audition for Burning Man. (btw we were accepted:) ) Our fan piece starts at 7:45 and runs ~3 mins. The rest is the conclave's piece of which we have little or nothing to do with. (For now I am holding all opinions in check.)
So enjoy and hopefully we'll retape our part soonish now that its "like that only not shitty" (I love that quote.)

LA Fire Conclave 2008 Burningman audition
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I am now in full out plan mode. I have been apparently adopted into Team Trick Concepts and will be spinning fans Saturday night. Hmmm..first performance will be in front of a couple thousand people. That’s a good plan. (I know no one will probably see me, its still intimidating. Oh wait so is this entire adventure. At least it will be excitingly consistent.)

On to practicalities. I am flying into Reno Thursday Morning and find a ride. I know coming in right before the gates close is kinda lame but it’s the best I can do. Flying means some things just can not come with me. Namely a bicycle. Have you ever taken one? How valuable is having one there? Would anyone be willing to haul it in for me if I get it to wherever you are?

Starting to plan out wardrobe/sewing needs and trying to come up with an idea for a relatively small, very portable mini installation for our camp. We have offers for day shelter at at least one theme camp so I can be pretty free with it. Not thrilled with the whole ‘American Dream’ theme so I think I will go with just a dream/nightmare concept.

May the plotting begin!

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