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The flight out of dallas was 2 hours late so we misseed our flight to Cork. meh. At least Heathrow has a well equipped lounge area.
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When I left Raleigh yesterday AM I had every intention of working yesterday afternoon. By the time I landed in San Diego 7 hours later the schedule had changed to:
1) stop at BevMo for ginger beer and rum
2) order pizza
3) cue up Underworld
4) nap

A much better plan. Though once again the nap was less than satisfying and sleep later was fitful and inconsistent. I forsee sleep inducing drugs for tonight.

Hopefully today I will get around to a more complete travel report and some dark&twisty introspection.
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Finally giving up the ghost. I'm sick. Not allergies, not PMS just sick. Does make me feel better for the absurd amount of sleep I got this week. (Though looking back I averaged 8 a night so really that is less a statement of sick an more a suggestion to sleep more in general) This does however give me freedom to pull out the big guns. Dayquil. An almost guilty pleasure of medicated bliss. Although my main weapons should and will be sleep and hydration. Harder than they seem really as I am more likely to nap than get really true deep sleep. And I hate drinking when I'm sick. Although I hate needles, the thought of an IV is almost appealing at the moment.

My left brain has been happily plotting, much to the dismay and lethargic wails of my right brain. Travel. Oh yes I am developing the 3 year plan. As it seems the OTP venture abroad is taking solid root it seems logical to do frolicking abroad in '09 and look to domestic, though possibly equally exotic pursuits for '08. (Add as a good friend pointed out. If it was his partner gone for 12 months, the 2 week vacation together in the middle would be filled with activities excluding most of the outside world no matter how exotic. A definite point against going to Budapest next summer.)


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