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Ugh post massage toxic purge

Got a much needed overdue massage yesterday.
I really need to keep up with these so that maybe occasionally I can have one that is relaxing and spa like. Instead of a chiropractic adjustment. I have a serious love-hate thing going on here. Since I retain most of my stress physically I need to get a massage at least every two weeks to stay healthy and pain free. Every week is better. Since it has been more than a month most of the session was spent on my shoulders and upper back. My massage therapist is quite skilled in releasing stress and realigning my neck. It is usually closer to sport or deep massage than relaxing Swedish.
The consequence of all this is a rather uncomfortable massage followed by 24 hours of feeling icky because releasing the muscles also means releaseing a painful number of toxins into my system. And I am never, it seems, hydrated enough to purge them rapidly.
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Have you ever wondered why good habits are so much easier to break than the bad ones?

I accepted some time ago that I am truly a creature of habit. I thrive on a routine. While I don't plan most of my activities I really do do better when they are fitted into a routine. And once I have a routine I am much more productive and happy. Serenity is achieved, all the brain chemistry seems to level out and I am generally a better person to live with. Until something disrupts this happy cycle. (Like traveling for a week in a foreign country) The routine breaks down rapidly, the serene routine crumbles and all my 'bad' habits and psycho moods return.

The routine that took weeks if not months to achieve is decimated in a matter of days.

Hence my current state where I have been cooking less and eating out more(not good for my health or budget), the house is a wreck and I haven't been to the gym or the beach in a few weeks. I have been fighting the pull of entropy but seem to keep coming up short. So much to do so many things to distract me.

But the new routines have a deadline. They need to be in place by 9/16. That is when Steve heads to VA for 10 wks to be indoctrinated into the bizarre world of Military Intelligience. If they aren't in place by then they probably won't be until late Oct or Nov. Has hard as it is to admit I sleep more and slack less when he is here. (This has nothing to do with his level of slack)

So I will again set out tommorrow to become healthier and happier.


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