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Yea I suck,but you all read anyway. weird.

So what's been going on?

resumes resumes resumes (ew.) and a coverletter (double ew.) even some networking. (no I don't really know how but don't tell anyone that) So I am getting stuff out there and that is good. Let's hope I get something back.

Last Saturday was wine and cheese and good friends and conversation.

But there was snow too. Have I mentioned I hate snow? Especially when mixed with icy nastiness that kills cars. It isn't totally dead but we're not sure if it's worth fixing. (yes this is from 2 weeks ago but there has been a delay and we're still sorting shit out.)

Wednesday was goat shearing with reedrover. It was fun, I even got to wrangle a goat for the first time. But my fun was cut short by some bad timing and a pre-scheduled webinar.

Thursday I finished my Green Building continuing education. Well sort of. All they credits are complete they just won't let me submit it until "closer to your due date". WTF!

The last 2 weeks have been rough in all the ways I don't have words for. I perpetually have things to say but not a voice to say them with. Working on that I promise.

ciao ciao
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Saturday afternoon bright and shiny so a group of us decided to take off for a hiking llama adventure at Sky Meadows park. A 5-ish mile hike with chaosofkittens, fireandearth, reedrover, Q-_goat and a couple of out of town friends. Oh and HERCULES. Super llama. I highly recommend hiking with llamas. They carry your water and walk in interesting manners.

Saturday night brought us Dressing Up(tm) and socializing in public(tm). I have a new tattoo bearing jacket, which has been dubbed "edgey and elegant" by reedrover. Go Go fashion win.
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The weekend was fun social and quite wonderful.

Friday was a night out with Q_G and reedrover. It was low key and fun. With the added benefit of running into lots of friends, meeting new people and seeing an unexpected friend.

Saturday was the MC Ball. Its still like prom but also didn't suck. We enjoyed some lovely conversation and headed out early. (I don't bar hop in formal wear.) Cuddles and lots of sleep.

Slept late sunday. Sooo good. Went to a pretty good sword class. (though oddly the instructor commented on the red hair. weird.)

No introvert overload. Yea!

This weekend looks to be equally eventful and hopefully go just as smoothely.
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I will probably survive.

Chinese food tonight with quixotic_goat and reedrover. Then out for more fun and socializing. Should be good to get out and see peoples.

Tomorrow will hopefully allow for some sleeping then errands and some sewing for a gift. Then getting all dressed up and headed to the Marine Corps Ball. (Yes it's like prom but with speeches and uniforms.

Sunday is church and sword class.

Really less full than I know alot of your weekends are, but between random socialization friday and saturday I will be ready for an empty house sunday.
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a short version

--> dinner with julesk and a few out of town guests.
--> movie fun with reedrover. (My first Eddie Izard)

--> errands and makeup shopping.
--> cleaning and reading
--> Halloween shenanigans at Julesk's and a host of awesome people. Costumes, Capricas and cupcakes!

--> Off to the races. Reedrover and I head out to DC to support quixotic_goat in running his first marathon. He and friend completed the Marine Corps Marathon at a very respectable 4:40.
--> Late post race lunch in arlington with friends then home.
--> crashing, skipped sword class
--> cuddles and trick or treaters. Fewer than expected but some quality costumes.

More later.
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After delicious thai food Saturday night we headed over to the tidal basis near the Mall to see some of the memorials I've never been to. (please ignore that this category includes most of them.

The Jefferson Memorial was lovely and I think is one of my favorites. And the walk along the water under the cherry trees was so wonderful and reminded how much I love the scent, feel, and romance of fresh water. (yes I love the smell of it)

Then we wandered into the FDR Memorial. It IS my favorite. ( http://www.nps.gov/fdrm/ )
It is a series of four rooms, one for each of his terms. They are a beautiful combinations of water, sculpture and meaningful quotes. I highly recommend you seek it out if you are in the area.
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just a tad late.

It was a busy weekend with far too many plans trying to overlap. (still getting used to that whole social life thing)
Friday )

Saturday )

Sunday )

More on my week soon.
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--> Saturday morning, went to a 'how to but your first house' workshop. I enjoyed most of it, learned a lot, got really excited about finding and buying a house(a new concept for me) and walked away with a $10 giftcaard

--> Saturday afternoon: went to a volunteer training for Adaptive Aquatics at the rec center. (swimming lessons for adults and children with physical and/or mental diabilities) The classroom discussion was very interesting, the water session was 2 instructors trying to teach a bunch of non instructors to teach basic skills. (as a 10 year veteran of teaching swimming, lifeguarding and water safety I was not amused.)

--> Saturday night: Board games at Saxby's coffee

--> Sunday: BBQ and fire spinning and general fun at [livejournal.com profile] blushing_grace and [livejournal.com profile] arashinomoui's. Fire, food and new faces, could I ask for more?

So a wholely fun, busy, lovely weekend. Today I sew, clean and nap. Quietly. :)
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So today I got to eat tasty food and spread fiery goodness. Not to mention see looks of cool happy poi spinning, fire virgins popping their cherry and get a little burning and a bunch of spinning in myself. It was a lovely afternoon evening at [livejournal.com profile] arashinomoui and [livejournal.com profile] blushing_grace's place. I brought the flames and they provided the food. Though I think my contribution was considerably more addictive. ;)
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So, big bad social 3 day weekend. 3 days. 4 parties. 5 games. crabs. beer. burgers. brownies.

Friday. Date night with [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat. Tasty food and 'Prince of Persia"
Saturday. crunching crabs at [livejournal.com profile] julesk and [livejournal.com profile] wahyagar's
chocolate chip cookies and games at [livejournal.com profile] kaelikat's
Sunday. burgers, brownies and games with some old college/high school friends'
Monday. grilling and games and goats with [livejournal.com profile] reedrover, [livejournal.com profile] achaosofkittens and [livejournal.com profile] fireandearth.

wow. that was a lot. My brain overloaded a bit Monday afternoon and had to retreat to the back room while everyone was playing with baby goats. But all in all it was a fantastic weekend.
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So a productive end week was followed by a lovely weekend. Saturday was productivity in the morning followed by [livejournal.com profile] jpenamelist 's graduation party. (I am so proud of her.) Lots of wonderful friends and interesting people I hadn't met yet. (I'm a sucker for an awesome tattoo, or 8) All said it was a mellow evening, however highlighted by hysterical, and most likely inappropriate, laughing with [livejournal.com profile] julesk (yes we act like a couple 12 y/os sometimes. and no I will not explainour jokes :P) Also warm cuddles with good friends. Though I was disappointed on the lack of hot tubbing, next time muwahaha.

Sunday brought sleeping late and house puttering. aka pretending to accomplish things. Oh and a NAP! omg is my sleep schedule fucked up.

Trying to get back up to speed this week.

optimism + introspect + coffee
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And so it goes...

Things are going pretty smoothly this week. Not much of interest. Finally getting some basics established that I had been putting off. (I hate finding new professionals. Dr,dentist, etc et al) And trying to be better about keeping a regular schedule. I am still sleeping pretty crappy but I hope to get some help for that next week. (having to split your sleep into 2 sessions sucks and wastes time.)

Two weeks ago I headed to LA to catch a ride to Fire Drums in Santa Cruz. (yes yes I know how far the drive is. But I didn't have to rent a car and got free strawberries) Fire Drums is a fire spinning event in the mountains every year. It was my first fire event and will always be a favorite. Some of the best spinners in the world come together for 3 days of workshops and 2 nights of amazing fire. Took 2 fan classes, 2 weapon workshops and a dance for staff class. I also got to play with my birthday present. A HOOP. Yes I am now a hooper girl. OK not really but its fun and a good core workout. I have good hand manipulation skills but am still learner to actually manipulate it with my body. Lots of friends from all over CA and best of all I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire and her girlfriend. They are adorable and I love them both.
Saturday night was very interesting, I took firewalking. Yes on hot coals. It was amazing.

This past Saturday I headed to Silver Spring with [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat and [livejournal.com profile] reedrover to see The Vagabonds . It was a lovely evening of piratical music, belly dancing and Stupid Things With Fire. We timed it so that we reached home just in time to go thud into bed.
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It was a really good weekend that I have a lot to say about.
But that will be tomorrow, when plans are made and ideas acted upon.
For now I am off to be warm and cuddled.
And content in the knowledge that it will rain tomorrow.
Because inspired or not I am always me.
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I need to start doing these in Word when I think of them. Lots of ideas when I have no access to the web. Can't remember a damn one when I sit down to the interwebs. :P merf.
So I guess some bullets:

--> I have not totally lost all progress in the last five weeks. My formal from 6 years ago fits again and I have been comfortably wearing my size 4.5 engagement ring the last 2 days.

--> unpacking is moving along. Slowly but surely the house is taking shape. Hopefully we will be ready for guests in a week or so.

--> Interwebs hook-up scheduled for Monday. grrr...

--> Job hunt commencing. Going to do some networking with old employer Friday. Starting to design the portfolio add in for my resume. If anyone has any contacts in the architecture/building/design world I would love to meet them.

--> wine tasting and MC ball planned for Saturday. One is decidedly more fun sounding than the other.

--> I am currently perversely addicted to Legend of the Seeker. And no it is not a good translation of the books. Much to my dismay.

kk running off. More tomorrow.
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Varied, relaxing and relatively productive.

Friday -- I finally got my over due blood draw for all those tests you are supposed to get when you turn 30. I got the order for it 2 weeks ago. And proceeded to agonize for 2 weeks over it. Usually the problem is that they can't get a vein. Friday the nurse got it first try, amazing. I still hated it but at least it was only once and not 4 times. Then they took 10 vials. (No I have no clue why they need so much, ugh) Having not eaten in 16 hours things went wonky from there. 45 minutes and a mini Hershey bar later I was home for bean tacos V water and sleep.

Saturday -- books, laundry and dishes. Not as productive as one would like but not bad.

Sunday -- more books, more dishes, more laundry
-- cleaned my first Fish (seriously, I now have tasty fresh mackerel in the fridge),
-- Shopping! Got new dress pants , that actually fit. (not too long and not falling off), very cute,
very short skirt with corset lacing up the front, a black cami for friday that needs to go back, meh
-- Very productive Conclave practice. We may actually pull this escapade off
-- Washed [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire 's Jeep
-- cleaned up living room enough for [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat to vacuum.
-- opened/shredded/recycled mail

Still have bunches to do and should make about three more posts.

Now off to bed.
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Weekend in Baja! Wheee!

We headed south of the border to San Felipe for the holiday weekend. (Finally. For all that I get comments from people about how many cool adventures we have, the ratio of ideas to execution is really pathetic. We have been talking about going to Mexico for 5 years, really quite lame. ) Borrowed [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire 's Wrangler. Roads in Baja are unpredictable conditions and Jeeps are fun to boot.
We were running pretty late (work, doctors etc) Friday afternoon so we decided to wait til Saturday morning to leave. Good plan. We took the scenic route through Ensenada and then east over the twisty M3 to San Felipe on the gulf coast. A nice little tourist town. A bit ramshackle but, that can be/was fun too.

Quick run down.
~ Beach camping, always fun and made more exciting by a ridiculously large tide differential that landed high tide Sunday afternoon about 6 inches from the tent.
~ Walked up to an odd little shrine above the town. I forgot how very, very catholic Mexico is.
~ Steve rented an ATV for a 1/2 hour and had much dune hopping fun. I passed, but regretted it later. Maybe some other time/place.
~ Tourist strolling and eclectic dining. Some good some not so much.
~ Beach strolling.
~ playing in the very warm water of the Gulf of California.
~ poking around this weird 'harbor-like spot that only fills with water a high tide. A wide assortment, of type and age, of boats.
~ Dodging street and beach hawkers of all varieties.
~ A long and disappointing quest for ice cream. We could only find 7-11 type ice cream novelties and that weird Thrifty ice cream that Rite-Aids in the states sell. We settle for the latter.
~ We went touring down the coast a ways where we mostly found new housing developments in varied states of halted construction. One was actually being taken over by dunes. The housing boom and subsequent collapse seem to have hit the area equally hard.

One of the most notable features was the rather significant number of retired/older US ex-pats. I guess it was a convenient affordable option until late.
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Busy busy lots of stress, but some happy happenings sprinkled in.
The biggest in both these categories is studying for, the heinous stress part, and passing my LEED A.P. exam. This the US Green Build Council's professional certification. ( www.usgbc.org ) This is the national organization that defines and certifies 'green buildings'. Although the term 'green building' is currently in an ambiguous state similar to where organic was 15 years ago. It has meaning, definitions and criteria. All of which are interpreted and defined differently by many groups. The USGBC is striving to change that.

This was a big deal for 2 reasons. One the test is difficult and involves at lot of memorization. Not my strong suit. More importantly though, it was a big step in my professional development. Failing it would have been pretty devastating, and expensive. Whereas passing it has given me a lot of confidence in aggressively pursuing the 10 exams required for my Architect's license. I didn't realize until after the LEED exam, how overwhelmingly intimidated I have been by all of them. So here's to personal and professional growth.

More good stuff.
This week I have been reminded how much I truly enjoy object manipulation. I now have 2 sets of fans, 2 batons, a 5' staff and a boken. And have spent enough time with each that they are starting to feel like an extension of my body. Especially the staff. Both contact (body rolls and other manipulations not using the hands) and spinning have a flow and a rhythm in tune with my body. I did competitive baton for 10 years when I was younger (8-18), but haven't done much since. Though sometimes my body could feel the movements and want to do them. whether I had something in my hand or not. I went to a fan workshop on Saturday up in LA. It was amazing. I was the only person in a class taught by one of the best fan spinners in the US. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WtbWjHKdU-E she's a bit more polished now, this was about 9 months ago) Mainly we concentrated on tosses, hand placement and transitions and advance plain positions (behind the back etc). Much much fun and well worth the drive.

Headed to NoVA this weekend for a wedding reception and catching up with people. Waffles with [livejournal.com profile] julesk and [livejournal.com profile] wahyagar Saturday. Brunch gathering at [livejournal.com profile] kaelikat's on Sunday. And afternoon coffee (mmm...coffee) with [livejournal.com profile] drlori and [livejournal.com profile] sometimerose(and baby!). Maybe even some baby goats.

Hopefully more later.
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I like River. She is the sane and the insane. The frail and the strong.
And most days, so am i.

So for an update.
[livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat is back stateside. Yea! We are quickly settling back into normal. Today I am trying to clear some of his gear out of the living room. (Yea chores aren't so much our strong point.) I also need to work on our taxes, oh joy. /merf

Got two new piercings yesterday. The cartilage and tragus in my left ear. Something I have been meaning to do for awhile. [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire came with and got her eyebrow done.
These were my first piercings since my second pair in my lobes in HS. We quickly found out I am a bleeder. Good to know, especially if I ever get a tattoo. This morning when I woke up at 3:30 they were completely caked over and very uncomfortable. It took 3 cleaning swabs and a wash cloth to free them up. The upper is still rather irritated but I am successfully resisting fidgeting with them.

We also got up to see Scorch and Jaz. Talked about upcoming fire event, Fire Drums and played with some new prototypes. I should have had my new fans, as the order just got back from the powder coater. But there was a miscommunication in which grip I wanted. Another exhibit of the adage that you will never get what you need if someone else does the ordering. Not a big deal, and I may be able to have a stock set reworked for the better wicks. What can I say, I'm picky.

I am really looking forward to Fire Drums at the end of April. It was my first fire event last year and is a great place to learn new skills and get/share new ideas. There is some very cool fan work going on out there. Including releases and body rolls.

Well that's all for now, more later.
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warm and smooth
soft and glowy

hope your afternoon is this nice
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Yep I'm a sucker for unrequited love. Maybe I should have lived in the 1200's when they lived those sorts of things. Though even then I'm sure it was just stories and poetry. I like stories and poetry. Generally probably not considered a good thing. Escapism is like a drug, not quite heroin.

This weekend's escape? "Legend of the Seeker" They actually made a tv series based on the Sword of Truth book series. A bit cheesy and predictable but then so were the books. But a good story. And the person who gave me the first book in the series will always be special to me. A very interesting guy who made me feel both naive and protective at the same time. And if I had been single? Not someone I would probably marry but, it would have been something special.
(Take a guess Thorunn. I know you will anyway)

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