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I didn't realize until I was on my way home, but it seems I was in California for 12 days. It was fabulous. Friends, and construction and hiking and board games. Whee!
Three days in San Jose with the Cult of Levitating Plywood. (Burning Man camp) Building and unbuilding the dome, fixing the kitchen and generaling trying to find everything before we need it in 2 weeks.
Then a night at the Vulcan with a fire spinning friend. VERY cool place.
Finally off to the mountains to spend a week with [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat, [livejournal.com profile] reedrover, [livejournal.com profile] achaosofkittens and [livejournal.com profile] fireandearth.

It was a good 2 weeks. Happy to be home and see the furbeasts.
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Trees and board games and cake
and knitting and Dark&Stormy's and really really great friends.

The wandering tribes have gathered. In a big house, tucked into the North Carolina woods.

We arrived Thursday afternoon and stayed til Monday. It was a good weekend, very good. It was a bit mellower than years past, but the company was still some of my favorite. Old friends and new. All with something to add to my life.
Evenings of good beer and fire-side conversation. And [livejournal.com profile] vilejynx's cake!) Late nights of good liquor and deep wanderings. Early morning chats over coffee and scones and bacon.

It is my people, my tribe, a place to return to. A place where past, present and new come together.

until next year, be well my friends
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Megabus from DC to NYC
arrived around 12:30
relaxing and catching up with J
Meeting Dizzyllama for a tasty french dinner
The NYC Ballet

Central Park
Rockefeller Square
The Morgan (Library/museum)
The HighLine
Dinner at Dos Caminos in the West Village
wine and scrabble

more Central park (caught the last stragglers of the Pride-a-thon race)
The Guggenheim
Brooklyn Bridge and Brooklyn Heights
Turkish with J&J

Meganbus home

All in all a fabulous exhausting weekend.
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So Saturday was museum day. I went to the Guggenheim and MoMA with J. Dizzyllama and quixotic_goat came along to the Guggenheim but left early to go to the movies. The main exhibition running in the Rotunda right now is Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance. It was captivating. There were also several smaller exhibitions in the peripheral galleries. The space as well is an exhibition in and of itself.
By the time I got to MoMA I was pretty tired, even after a break for lunch. (Mmmm spinach pizza) So we didn't stay there long. Which is unusual for me. Typically I can easily do two major museums in one day. (I did 9 hours of museums once, now that one hurt.) So we picked two exhibits and then chilled in the sculpture garden. They first exhibit was a look at were prints and illustrated book layouts by Picasso.
We then hit one architecture and one design exhibit.
The architecture exhibit was the work of an 8-week charette by 5 architecture teams exploring 5 different NY waterfront sights and how they can be altered to address future environmental and financial challenges.
Rising Currents: Projects for New York's Waterfront

Finally we took in a housewares/furniture design exhibit discussing the idea, held in the early/mi twentieth century, that the museums should be informing the average person's design choices at home. An interesting idea, not sure how I feel about it.
What was Good Design? MoMA's message 1944-1956

By the time we were through I was totally brain fried and really got very little out of the last exhibit and not as much out of the other two as I would have liked.

We then met up with the boys for a walk across the Brooklyn bridge and Turkish food for dinner.
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Thursday night we went to see the New York City Ballet. This performance is why we came to New York this weekend specifically. This was the last performance in a series of collaborations between NYC Ballet choreographers and Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect. He worked with the choreographers to incorporate their vision as well as the flow of the dance into his set design. The series was called "Architecture of Dance". Very cool concept with an amazing architect. I planned the trip around this performance.
The performance was a collection of 4 pieces. Three dance and one orchestral only. The the second dance piece was truly amazing. A double pas de deux, with one couple dancing classic and the other contemporary. Then they switched partners. Perfect, exquisite, I loved every second of it. But that is not the piece we came to NYC for. We came for the first piece. Which was odd. It was more musical theater than true ballet, classic, contemporary or otherwise. It even had dialog. It really didn't speak to me and I was disappointed in the sets. I felt that she went with something to literal and didn't utilize the talent offered by such a skilled designer. The third dance piece was just painful. Two words: Western Theme. /shudder

All in all it was a good night out, just not what I was expecting.
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We spent the morning in Central Park. Starting at the Natural History Museum and worked our way south. It was lovely and relaxing. We went in with a map and not really a plan. That seems to be my travel plan these days, but wandering is fun and that was the name of the game this weekend. Then we headed into midtown and visited Rockefeller center, before heading to Grand Central for lunch with J. We visited the Morgan Library, where J works, which has a beautiful atrium connecting the museum and library. It was designed by Renzo Piano and is absolutely gorgeous. I unfortunately couldn't take pictures and didn't have a sketch book. :( (need to get a new one of those) After that we said good-bye to J and went in search of the Highline. ( www.thehighline.org ) It is the old elevated train tracks that have been converted into gardens and a walking path. It is very well done. With many allusions to its origin. We walked the full length from 20th St down to the West Village. Where we wandered around and had dinner at a great mexican place. (Tequila cured salmon ceviche with mango pico de gallo and orange infused salt. omg yumm)

It was a wonderful day topped off by white wine and scrabble with J and dizzylama.
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We took the bus to NYC, here is the playlist. (I do not travel without music)

Indigo Eyes -- Peter Murphy
Forgive Me Love -- Alanis Morissete
Live at Wood Hall (album) -- Alison Crowe
The Best of Black Tape for a Blue Girl (album)
Please Forgive Me -- Bryan Adams
12 Tales (album) -- Blind Guardian
Alice -- Cocteau Twins
The Babysitter's Here -- Dar Williams
College Girl -- Dar Williams
The Christians and the Pagans -- Dar Williams
Hallelujah -- Leonard Cohen
If It Be Your Will -- Leonard Cohen
Brave & Crazy (album) -- Melissa Etheridge
Other Voices -- The Cure
When I Come Around -- Green Day
Even Angels Fall -- The Cruxshadows
Resist/R -- The Cruxshadows
Song to the Siren -- Mortal Coil

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And so it goes...

Things are going pretty smoothly this week. Not much of interest. Finally getting some basics established that I had been putting off. (I hate finding new professionals. Dr,dentist, etc et al) And trying to be better about keeping a regular schedule. I am still sleeping pretty crappy but I hope to get some help for that next week. (having to split your sleep into 2 sessions sucks and wastes time.)

Two weeks ago I headed to LA to catch a ride to Fire Drums in Santa Cruz. (yes yes I know how far the drive is. But I didn't have to rent a car and got free strawberries) Fire Drums is a fire spinning event in the mountains every year. It was my first fire event and will always be a favorite. Some of the best spinners in the world come together for 3 days of workshops and 2 nights of amazing fire. Took 2 fan classes, 2 weapon workshops and a dance for staff class. I also got to play with my birthday present. A HOOP. Yes I am now a hooper girl. OK not really but its fun and a good core workout. I have good hand manipulation skills but am still learner to actually manipulate it with my body. Lots of friends from all over CA and best of all I got to hang out with [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire and her girlfriend. They are adorable and I love them both.
Saturday night was very interesting, I took firewalking. Yes on hot coals. It was amazing.

This past Saturday I headed to Silver Spring with [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat and [livejournal.com profile] reedrover to see The Vagabonds . It was a lovely evening of piratical music, belly dancing and Stupid Things With Fire. We timed it so that we reached home just in time to go thud into bed.
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It was a really good weekend that I have a lot to say about.
But that will be tomorrow, when plans are made and ideas acted upon.
For now I am off to be warm and cuddled.
And content in the knowledge that it will rain tomorrow.
Because inspired or not I am always me.
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So here is how the trip East ended up. It was a fantastic, exciting, grueling epic 3 week adventure. I am so happy we got to see so many friends and family. None of the visits were long enough, they never are it seems. And I am unspeakably grateful to everyone who housed us and the fur beasts, you are all saints. He entire trip reminded me how much I love cities. Somehow there is texture in a city that I can’t capture anywhere else. It was our first time in the Pacific NW, and I am now dying to go back.

San Diego
Leaving LA – 10/18
7 hrs
CA coast & Big Sur – 10/19
1 hr
Monterey – 10/19-20
2 hrs
San Francisco – 10/21-22
11 hrs
Portland – 10/23
3 hrs
Seattle – 10/23-26
12 hrs
Montana – 10/27
23 hrs
Chicago – 10/28-11/2
9 hrs
KC – 11/3-4
4 hrs
St. Louis – 11/4-5
11 hrs
DC – 11/6

I have all the photos up on the Picasa site now. http://picasaweb.google.com/faeriefyre
Captions are sporadic, but I will keep working on them.
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So I own my post a day in November 3 posts plus today so I am quickly posting a mini update to be followed soon-ish by something more substaintial.

In short I made it to VA, aka new 'home', Friday afternoon. Herded all the fur beasts inside (insert growling screeching and claws here)then proceeded to sleep for almost 30 hours straight. Guess my body had had enough of sleepless nights in strange places. (Yes I actually tried to make a straight run from St Louis to NOVA in one go. I landed in Marathon WV and no I have no clue where that actually is) Yesterday was cuddling and videos. kinda pathetic but hey. Today is much box unpacking and a 2 hour stint at 'the evil empire'. (grrr..)

more later.

ciao ciao
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All epic journeys involve at least one night spent in the car.

I love old bricks.

Whenever I start a job search I need to be sure to spend a little time, or a lot, doing things that remind me why I love what I do. I spent all of this morning and some of the afternoon wandering around St Louis taking pictures of houses and street lamps and old warehouses and power plants. It was very good and it has been far too long since I have had the uninhibited desire to wander down random alleys and through not quite vacant lots. Of course as I was taking a series of shots of nice row houses in Layfette Park, it occurred to me. How does one prove that they are a trigger happy architecture bum and not casing houses? I should really figure that one out.

Headed onward to DC/NoVA.

More later.
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I have zero desire to go to a hotel tonight. Right now I’m at a Denny’s. Pancakes and tea. Nice. (There is actually no access here so this will be posted down the road. I guess.)
I had dinner with a couple of friends from Pendleton that had moved to St. Louis after getting out of the Marine Corps. It was nice to just sit and talk while her kids ran around being cute. I could have stayed there but they were all settling down for bed and I didn’t want to intrude. Nor do I particularly feel like settling down.

I'm now sitting outside a Super 8 leeching their net connection. I considered getting a room but they don't have any. I have yet to decide if I am going to wander over to the other motels that probably have rooms.

I actually think I am going to head into St. Louis and drive around.


Nov. 3rd, 2009 22:33
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I forgot about autumn. I forgot how much I love it. The crisp wind, the smell and taste of the air. Crunchy leaves under foot.

I found myself walking down Massachusetts St in Lawrence KS. Feeding the meter and wandering back to good food with old friends. After a lovely afternoon of shopping in a college town.

Then we headed off to consolidate cars and find the last piercing studio in my five city adventure. It was a good day.

Tomorrow? Off to St Louis.

night night
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We went to see Leonard Cohen at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago last night.

Amazing! If you have the opportunity, go see this man perform. Better yet, find/make/use illicit means to acquire an opportunity to see him live. If you already know his work you will be entranced by the depth he brings to a live performance. If you don't know his work, you will be hooked.

(Yes Tucker, it was that good.)
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I started a post saturday but never finished.
"I am feeling very dysphoric right now.
Edgy, almost, though not quite, paranoid.
Feeling full of potential, but not motivated."

So that was my weekend. I hate feeling like that. I didn't get done nearly what I "needed" to. And that feeling that I should have accomplished more usually means that I start reducing my sleep in the hopes of catching up. You can see where this is going. No where good. Last night was the most sleep I've gotten all week. 5 hours. Stellar.

Work has been alright. I have been doing sections of existing buildings for a new project. It isn't my favorite thing but at least sections are interesting. So just about enough work to keep me mostly engaged. This is a nice change.

I leave for Burning Man in 14 hours!! So excited!!! A whole week in the desert with fantastic friends, art and lots of fire. It'll be good to be in a place where I fit and don't have to censor my brain.
The car is mostly packed I'll leave tonight after work.

Probably more of an update later.
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The flight out of dallas was 2 hours late so we misseed our flight to Cork. meh. At least Heathrow has a well equipped lounge area.
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Weekend in Baja! Wheee!

We headed south of the border to San Felipe for the holiday weekend. (Finally. For all that I get comments from people about how many cool adventures we have, the ratio of ideas to execution is really pathetic. We have been talking about going to Mexico for 5 years, really quite lame. ) Borrowed [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire 's Wrangler. Roads in Baja are unpredictable conditions and Jeeps are fun to boot.
We were running pretty late (work, doctors etc) Friday afternoon so we decided to wait til Saturday morning to leave. Good plan. We took the scenic route through Ensenada and then east over the twisty M3 to San Felipe on the gulf coast. A nice little tourist town. A bit ramshackle but, that can be/was fun too.

Quick run down.
~ Beach camping, always fun and made more exciting by a ridiculously large tide differential that landed high tide Sunday afternoon about 6 inches from the tent.
~ Walked up to an odd little shrine above the town. I forgot how very, very catholic Mexico is.
~ Steve rented an ATV for a 1/2 hour and had much dune hopping fun. I passed, but regretted it later. Maybe some other time/place.
~ Tourist strolling and eclectic dining. Some good some not so much.
~ Beach strolling.
~ playing in the very warm water of the Gulf of California.
~ poking around this weird 'harbor-like spot that only fills with water a high tide. A wide assortment, of type and age, of boats.
~ Dodging street and beach hawkers of all varieties.
~ A long and disappointing quest for ice cream. We could only find 7-11 type ice cream novelties and that weird Thrifty ice cream that Rite-Aids in the states sell. We settle for the latter.
~ We went touring down the coast a ways where we mostly found new housing developments in varied states of halted construction. One was actually being taken over by dunes. The housing boom and subsequent collapse seem to have hit the area equally hard.

One of the most notable features was the rather significant number of retired/older US ex-pats. I guess it was a convenient affordable option until late.
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I have updated the picassa albums with Vienna and the Dublin/London/Stonhenge B&Ws.
It's a rough edit and more tourist than art. I have some work to do before I do a DeviantArt update. I will keep you apprised of the status.

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