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SCAdian Ladies! (and any lords with preferences) What do your men whear to summer events? I got a month so hit me with the simple stuff.
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OK all you war mongering Trimarians, give it up. I want details. What did you drink? With whom? My darling Cranes, who stopped by to kiss the parrot? (mmm... tasty parrot) Which royals were courted, harassed and wooed to the dark side? Heck I don't even know who was where and fighting whom. Also any reports of the doings of some of my internet reluctant friends would be deeply welcome. (Especially of a certain Don or 3. Sometimes I just need to poke something.) So there is your assignment. I realize that many of you are still hung over, but do try to have sympathy for those of us robbed of a week in the dream. (And yes I like that damn song so bite me!)

love and hugs to my sisters all those I call home. (because that is what you are so try and keep the place in one piece for a few more years ok?)
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What is it with fall coronation that always seems to cause distress and angst. I guess the start of hurricane season is firstly. But on a more personal note it always seems that either I am fedex-ing stuff at the last minute, if I’m not going, or yucky things are happening to people I care about. Fortunately it seems that the only problems are my own lack of planning and not the hospitalization of one or more of my friends. (No lie last 2 times I went to this event I had to visit someone in the hospital or someone who had just gotten out. Hugs and health to both of you.) But as much as I want to see everyone I am glad to have a 3 day weekend to mostly relaxed and collect my thoughts for the upcoming season.

I want to start fencing again. So this weekend I am going to layout a drill workout to get my arm and my speed back. Fortunately I have above average speed such that I can impress a lot of people when I’m out of practice. (If my 2 favorite dons are reading this, yes I know neither of you are these people. You know too much.) Maybe I’ll drill in the driveway and spook the neighbors, always a fun hobby.

The rest of life is going rather well. As of next Wednesday I will have officially been at the ‘new’ job 6 months. They seem to be happy enough with my. And I am slowly increasing my ability to concentrate. It was getting kinda ugly for awhile, I think I had lazy brain syndrome or something.

In other news Steve was promoted to Captain this morning. So a nice rank boost at work, and a equally nice raise to boot. He is schedule to go to intelligence school in February, and until then will be on the job training with the guys at headquarters, or something like that.
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This was posted to a community that I watch. I think it gives a good perspective and can be appled to more traditional research as well.

Cut for length... )
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Well inspired by uilos I am posting. I realized that I am the world's worst lurker.

Now the bad news, for all my dear friends in FL. I am not coming for Labor Day. (Someone please remind me of the name of that event, I suck. I always just think of it as Radiant Cranes anniversary.) I just can't handle it. We have spent 4 of the last 7 weekends on airplanes. Two trips being our famous "In & Out in <48 hours and two being to or from the UK. I'm beat.
However if my dear Cranes want to come visit CA, give me a call. (Or anyone else for that matter) And I truly am sad about this. Especially from a few of you dear souls that I miss to no end. Its days like this when I really wish I didn't love my job. And that I was independently wealthy.
The other factor is that a 3 day trip would put us back $800. And that is with real cheap airfare. I want to put that towards furniture. I am really tired of my house looking like college students live there.

Well back to the grind, more later. I promise, really.


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