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February promotes awareness of to important issues.

Firstly it is Black History Month. Later I may post something more involved as to why I think Black History month is important. If you don't agree, ask and we can discuss. Needless to say I feel that it is valid and important to be celebrating African American history, both as a society and as individuals trying to expand our horizons and better understand out fellow man. And in the spirit of spreading knowledge, I leave you with linkies. Go forth and increase your brain.

A brief look at the Harlem Renaissance -- http://www.biography.com/blackhistory/harlem-renaissance.jsp

Octavia Butler was a brilliant author. If you have the time I highly recommend The Parable of the Sower, a very different post-apocalyptic telling. -- http://www.biography.com/articles/Octavia-E.-Butler-38207

February is also American Heart Month. Heart disease is the #1 killer of both men AND women in this country. More than All cancers combined. No one is exempt. So go out and do something for your heart today.
This is why there is a red dress on my dayrunner -- http://www.goredforwomen.org/
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This is a post I have been meaning to make for a month and just didn't get to.

The Breast Cancer Fund (http://www.breastcancerfund.org/) is a group I hadn't heard about until S and I did a benefit hike to support them. Instead of searching for a cure, also important, they are taking a stance against the fact that 1 in 8 women (http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/BreastCancer/OverviewGuide/breast-cancer-overview-key-statistics) will get breast cancer in the first place. Other sources put a lot of weight on genetics. The Breast Cancer Fund recognizes this risk yet puts more emphasis on our daily chemical and radiation exposure as a cause. They make the research more accessible and provide practical ways to act on the information. (I realize that some of this research is still inconclusive and many people disagree. I happen to agree with most of it and have for some time. I am happy to have discussion, but please play nice.) They also advocate for the elimination of these contaminates from our environment.
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Kambriel, purveyor of BEAUTIFUL fashions, is offering FREE shipping (incl international) on Saturday 5/22 in honor of World Goth Day

Just put Black Planet in the comments section of the order form (or in a note if paying via PayPal ~ where payments go to info at kambriel dot com), and don't bother adding any shipping to the total... This is only going to be available for "World Goth Day" - May 22nd, 2010, but I wanted to give everyone a heads up a few days in advance :)

**Feel free to re-post this offer if you like ~ especially for international friends!**

(Speaking of "one day only" events, I'll bring up my friend Elisa's print sale again as her birthday approaches. I'd love for this to go well for her so she can get a much needed new/used camera & remember, if there are any photos from this series: http://kambriel.livejournal.com/262405.html you'd like prints of, they'll be available to choose from too!)
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And everyone needs more happy molecules.

Happy thoughts for the evening.
Plans with friends
Pretty dresses
Stompy shoes
Hot showers
Good music
Good movies
Fuzzy blankets

(this message brought to you by the ‘Get a Better Attitude Council’. The GBAC also advises that the beatings shall continue until morale improves.)
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Stupid should hurt.
Chronic stupid should be a prosecutable offense.
Chronic stupid that causes anguish to 2 or more parties should be a felony.
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Copy this sentence into your livejournal if you're in a heterosexual marriage and you don't want it "protected" by the bigots who think that gay marriage hurts it somehow.

As [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire will tell you, I have pretty well developed opinions about this. And in the end it comes down to a separation of church and state. IMHO there is a big difference between the legal state document that [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat and I signed and the religious ceremony that was performed. As such I see no reason that the two need to mix. My solution, stolen from the Germans, is that everyone must have a JP ceremony first. After that if you want your union consecrated in some way that is meaningful to you, so be it. I can understand people of strong faith feeling that homosexual marriage goes against the doctrine of their faith. They have the right to believe that. But they do not have the right to impose there faith, and subsequent doctrines, onto people not of that faith/religion. (As a note: I can sympathize with both sides of the conflict surrounding Christian homosexuals. IMHO it is complex and extremely personal and in the end is between the individual and God. And it is one I am glad I do not have to tackle.)
I could probably go on for pages about this but I won't. If you would like to discuss it with me, in a civil intellectual manner, give me a call and I will enjoy the discourse.

If you would like to make a more direct impact towards stopping the passing of CA Proposition 8, donations can be made to the campaign at http://la.hrc.org/ At this point the money is to get more advertising on the air before Tuesday. Currently the "Yes on 8" campaign has about for times as much cash and hence that much more advertising. And a huge portion of that money is out of state.

love is where you find. There isn't enough of it out there to waste any of it.

peace + love + joy


Mar. 20th, 2008 15:16
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Disclaimer: I admit I have NOT verified all this info. I am however participating. Because 1) I trust the source [livejournal.com profile] scottish_alth and 2) If it isn't true I'm really not out anything. Do as thout will.

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