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‎"Take solace and joy where
you find them they are precious treasures."
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"who's the most unusual member of your family"

If you read this blog often you probably know the answer. My twin sister, [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire. But let me tell you why.

Basically she kicks ass. She's the only person I know that has wanted to be, and succeeded at becoming, the same thing since she was 8. A-fucking-mazing. This career as taken to many an exotic places. The north and south Pacific. Fish farming in Charleston. Big fish tank in Epcot. And a variety of fishy places in OR and CA.
She spins fire staff like a badass. She has a PURPLE MOHAWK! She is in an Amazing relationship with an awesome woman. She also has a eclectic sense of style, good choice in friends and makes great conversation on everything from religion to sex.
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When I was 6 or so I taught my granpa to fill ice cube trays with all the authority of a small child. (from one end and flowing over the edges) My granma told me years ago that that is how he filled them from then on. Nice memory that one.
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So I pulled out the TableTopics box and started browsing the cards for inspiration. If this goes well I will start making a habit of it.
Tonight's winner is: "What was your most memorable meal ever?"

That's easy, but it is also a great memory.
It was a dinner hosted in Florence by my study abroad professor. (A totally awesome Finnish architect who brought us my favorite quote ever. "You're either having coffee or you're having sex.") It was one of those beautiful epic meals that only the Italians can bring you. Six hours of delectable seafood, excellent wine and rich conversation. The entire architecture program came, so there were 13 of us at this long table in a small restaurant at the end of a tiny street. No one was allowed to order for themselves, because we never would have ordered a dish involving halved baby octopi. (yes I tried it no I didn't like it.) I have little memory of what we ate and what exactly was said, but I know the conversation was eclectic and unexpected. Architecture and politics and sex and love and art and war. The wine and the hours melted into a happy glow that I get to keep.

I will always remember stumbling across the cobblestones under the Duomo as we laughed our way home.


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