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‎"Take solace and joy where
you find them they are precious treasures."
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In my on going quest to have mexican food not tainted with chemicals I have made another stride. Refried beans!! They turned out ok. they may need cooked more, more oil or something I have yet to think of.
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"who's the most unusual member of your family"

If you read this blog often you probably know the answer. My twin sister, [livejournal.com profile] oceansfire. But let me tell you why.

Basically she kicks ass. She's the only person I know that has wanted to be, and succeeded at becoming, the same thing since she was 8. A-fucking-mazing. This career as taken to many an exotic places. The north and south Pacific. Fish farming in Charleston. Big fish tank in Epcot. And a variety of fishy places in OR and CA.
She spins fire staff like a badass. She has a PURPLE MOHAWK! She is in an Amazing relationship with an awesome woman. She also has a eclectic sense of style, good choice in friends and makes great conversation on everything from religion to sex.
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Saturday afternoon bright and shiny so a group of us decided to take off for a hiking llama adventure at Sky Meadows park. A 5-ish mile hike with chaosofkittens, fireandearth, reedrover, Q-_goat and a couple of out of town friends. Oh and HERCULES. Super llama. I highly recommend hiking with llamas. They carry your water and walk in interesting manners.

Saturday night brought us Dressing Up(tm) and socializing in public(tm). I have a new tattoo bearing jacket, which has been dubbed "edgey and elegant" by reedrover. Go Go fashion win.
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25 facts to bore you )
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In the bird bath of all places.
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"Why when I talk about belief, why do you always assume I'm talking about God?"
"I don't care what you believe in, just believe in it."
-- Shepherd Book, Serenity

I believe in God
I believe in the people that gave their lives for my freedom
I believe and my husband and My sister
and I believe in the love that binds us together
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which means I don't write enough.
Also means I am generally not exercising the brain enough.

use it or lose it in the brain pan area I guess.

So how do you stimulate your brain?
out of the gutter you pervs! ;)


Nov. 9th, 2010 13:18
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For everyone that was subjected to my angst last week, I apologize. Some of the stuff posted was melodramatic and while true not the whole truth.

On that note how about the question meme. Got a probing, interesting question? Ask away. Comments are screened. Let me know if you want it unscreened.
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The weekend was fun social and quite wonderful.

Friday was a night out with Q_G and reedrover. It was low key and fun. With the added benefit of running into lots of friends, meeting new people and seeing an unexpected friend.

Saturday was the MC Ball. Its still like prom but also didn't suck. We enjoyed some lovely conversation and headed out early. (I don't bar hop in formal wear.) Cuddles and lots of sleep.

Slept late sunday. Sooo good. Went to a pretty good sword class. (though oddly the instructor commented on the red hair. weird.)

No introvert overload. Yea!

This weekend looks to be equally eventful and hopefully go just as smoothely.
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concurrent book reading right now.

Mother of Demons, Eric Flint -- extra-planetary settling of humans on a planet already populated by two sentient mollusk races and the ensuing struggle.

Theology of the Hammer, Millard Fuller -- Explanation of the basic biblical and social tenants of Habitat for Humanity, as told by its founder.
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I find that more often than not when I have something brewing in my brain I tend to want to write it here. Often I filter it but more and more I am tending to just stick it out there. Typically in real life I just don't do that. I understand that it is easier do to internet anonymity, but what sometimes fascinates me is how much I want to say it. Get it out of my head into the ether. Not for anyone else's comment, though I welcome discussion, but for my own ability to just get it out to find perspective.
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I will probably survive.

Chinese food tonight with quixotic_goat and reedrover. Then out for more fun and socializing. Should be good to get out and see peoples.

Tomorrow will hopefully allow for some sleeping then errands and some sewing for a gift. Then getting all dressed up and headed to the Marine Corps Ball. (Yes it's like prom but with speeches and uniforms.

Sunday is church and sword class.

Really less full than I know alot of your weekends are, but between random socialization friday and saturday I will be ready for an empty house sunday.
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When I was 6 or so I taught my granpa to fill ice cube trays with all the authority of a small child. (from one end and flowing over the edges) My granma told me years ago that that is how he filled them from then on. Nice memory that one.
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This is a post I have been meaning to make for a month and just didn't get to.

The Breast Cancer Fund (http://www.breastcancerfund.org/) is a group I hadn't heard about until S and I did a benefit hike to support them. Instead of searching for a cure, also important, they are taking a stance against the fact that 1 in 8 women (http://www.cancer.org/Cancer/BreastCancer/OverviewGuide/breast-cancer-overview-key-statistics) will get breast cancer in the first place. Other sources put a lot of weight on genetics. The Breast Cancer Fund recognizes this risk yet puts more emphasis on our daily chemical and radiation exposure as a cause. They make the research more accessible and provide practical ways to act on the information. (I realize that some of this research is still inconclusive and many people disagree. I happen to agree with most of it and have for some time. I am happy to have discussion, but please play nice.) They also advocate for the elimination of these contaminates from our environment.
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“If you’re bored with life...or you don’t get up every morning
with a burning desire to do things...you don’t have enough
goals.” -Lou Holtz

So if boredom is the symptom I guess I need to make some goals. Concrete plans. defined goals. real time frames.
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a short version

--> dinner with julesk and a few out of town guests.
--> movie fun with reedrover. (My first Eddie Izard)

--> errands and makeup shopping.
--> cleaning and reading
--> Halloween shenanigans at Julesk's and a host of awesome people. Costumes, Capricas and cupcakes!

--> Off to the races. Reedrover and I head out to DC to support quixotic_goat in running his first marathon. He and friend completed the Marine Corps Marathon at a very respectable 4:40.
--> Late post race lunch in arlington with friends then home.
--> crashing, skipped sword class
--> cuddles and trick or treaters. Fewer than expected but some quality costumes.

More later.
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Actually it was 43 days and occassionally more than one post a day. A few had to be posted the next day do to net availability, especially when we were down a computer for 2 weeks and/or traveling. I will try to keep up the habit. I find I do better when I post regularly. (yes I will make my f-list suffer for my own devices)

More later.
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I have been trying to do a post a day since May 19. Recently I've been running short on interesting topics. So I am stealing this from LJ 'writer's block". So here goes.

"If someone intentionally set fire to your home and you had ten minutes to get out, would you try to save the arsonist or your belongings? )
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So I am going to back date a couple of these that I started last week and didn't quite finish.

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