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We took the bus to NYC, here is the playlist. (I do not travel without music)

Indigo Eyes -- Peter Murphy
Forgive Me Love -- Alanis Morissete
Live at Wood Hall (album) -- Alison Crowe
The Best of Black Tape for a Blue Girl (album)
Please Forgive Me -- Bryan Adams
12 Tales (album) -- Blind Guardian
Alice -- Cocteau Twins
The Babysitter's Here -- Dar Williams
College Girl -- Dar Williams
The Christians and the Pagans -- Dar Williams
Hallelujah -- Leonard Cohen
If It Be Your Will -- Leonard Cohen
Brave & Crazy (album) -- Melissa Etheridge
Other Voices -- The Cure
When I Come Around -- Green Day
Even Angels Fall -- The Cruxshadows
Resist/R -- The Cruxshadows
Song to the Siren -- Mortal Coil

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So some friday fluff for your entertainment. (Be warned I take no responsibility for addictions caused by this post.)

I really never did the whole fandom thing. Then I found YouTube, then I found fanfic. So now I will occasionally get obsessed with some series or another.

In Plain Sight
Torchwood & John Barrowman (Jack Harkness is pansexsual, how awesome is that?)

Merry Gentry
Kusheil's Dart

Underworld -- My eternal favorite

I also sometimes get obsessed with a band/artist and obsessively listen to all their albums I can get my hands on.

Ryan Star

And of course, Friday brings you music. Instead of the iPod shuffle I leave you with my always favorite. The one I made for [livejournal.com profile] quixotic_goat and I's wedding. Enjoy.

1. Power of Two -- Indigo Girls
2. True Colours -- Cyndi Lauper
3. The Ocean -- Dar Williams
4. Iris -- Goo Goo Dolls
5. Into the Mystic -- Van Morrison
6. When You Say Nothing at All -- Ronan Keating
7. I Hope You Dance -- Faith Hill
8. Friday I'm in Love -- The Cure
9. Accidentally in Love -- Hootie & the Blowfish
10. I Could Not Ask for More -- Edwin McCain
11. You Already Won Me Over -- Alanis Morissete
12. Golden Years -- David Bowie
13. Strong Enough -- Sheryl Crow
14. Crazy Love -- Van Morrison
15. Don't Leave Home -- Dido
16. Thank You -- Natalie Merchant
17. Time of Your Life -- Green Day

Love + music + joy
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So this week I had to use my May downloads at eMusic. ( Emusic fantastic deals on non mainstream labels, use me as a reference if you join to get 45 extra downloads.)

This was an ideal opportunity to breakout of my current rut. Songs I still love but why have 3500 tracks and only listen to 15? So yesterday's picks:
Dilana -- awesome, powerful, beautiful rocker from South Africa
Magni -- soulful, alt rock from Iceland, feels very Seattle mid 90's to me
Ryan Star -- Amazing musician, great songwriter

What are you listening to?
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We went to see Leonard Cohen at the Rosemont Theatre in Chicago last night.

Amazing! If you have the opportunity, go see this man perform. Better yet, find/make/use illicit means to acquire an opportunity to see him live. If you already know his work you will be entranced by the depth he brings to a live performance. If you don't know his work, you will be hooked.

(Yes Tucker, it was that good.)
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These musings are brought to you by The Sisters of Mercy and [livejournal.com profile] reedrover cut for random thoughts )
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Thursday’s eclectic dance mix )
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I got my shiny new subscription to eMusic last night. I highly recommend the service. They have bands from a lot of indy labels that you just can't find anywhere else. (I almost exclusively prefer downloads to CDs these days) And at $10.00 for 30 downloads it is stupid cheap. However since it is per track I didn't get every track on every album.

So new for the iPod:
The Best of Nosferatu -- Nosferatu
The Dreamside -- Spin Moon Magic
The Botanic Verses -- The March of Violets
Insidious -- Mephisto Waltz

Plus a venture into iTunes for:
Medusa -- Annie Lennox (entire album)
Lips of an Angel -- Hinder (single)
Here Without You -- 3 Doors Down (single)
Tiny Dancer -- Elton John (single)

That should get me through the day.
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As inspired by [livejournal.com profile] kaelikat I will share with you today's playlist. Its a decent desription of today's emotional landscape. Happy, nostalgic, intense. I love music.

Jesus of Suburbia -- Green Day
The Time Warp -- RHPS
Stigmata Martyr -- Bauhaus
Eye of the Storm -- The Cruxshadows
Sophia -- The Cruxshadows
Dido's Reply -- The Cruxshadows
Memorare -- The Cruxshadows
Jesus of Suburbia --Green Day
American Pie --Don McLean
Case of You -- Joni Mitchell
Just like Heaven -- The Cure
Comalies -- Lacuna Coil
Got You Where I Want You -- The Flies
Friday I'm In Love -- The Cure

(Yes Jesus of Suburbia twice and actually listen to 5 other times this morning. Not sure why but it seems to be addictive.)

What are You listening to?
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Concert Saturday in LA. VNV, Imperative Reaction & Babyland. Over all it was excellent, though Babyland is novel but not something I would seek out as a headliner. This was my first exposure to Imperative Reaction, and a good one at that. (The quest for new music continues on :)) As usual VNV gave an incredible performance. Ronan always puts on a damn good show, regardless of the quality of the venue. However this venue was really nice. The Wiltern as lots of space in and outside the auditorium as well as a decent location with good parking.

It was also quite nice to only have to drive to Long Beach (~30 min) as opposed to all the way home (+/- 2 hrs)

And if I didn't need more inspiration to get out, there was the people watching. LA really does have its fair share of beautiful people. Dressed to the nines and very fine. It is also fun to people watch with a lesbian. I don't like girls but the show was worth the price of admission. Not that the men were slacking. (except maybe my husband, he'll learn) As an added advantage nothing inspires physical fitness like the desire to wear ass skimmiing skirts and a dangerously hot corset. Yes I'm vain deal with it. ;)

peace + love + music
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So they day has progressed from not too bad" to ugh. I just seem to get really frustrated really easily these days. Nothing angst-y or violent, just cranky and irritated by almost everyone. I have also apparently completely lost the ability to make a decent cup of coffee by any means. I tried to make it in the drip at work. One person said it was way too strong but, when I grabbed a cup it was like brown water. So next I tried the mini press in my desk it tasted worse. Maybe I have bad beans.

Also there seems to be a complete lack of anything interesting to do. I am really tired of doing necessary yet painfully boring crap. And dear god save me from the disorganized project architect. I know it will improve as we settle into this new project but, it is slow going at the moment.

In other news the iPod is fixed. Apparently just several restores and a total battery charge and purge fixed it. I do need to get a new (overpriced download cord /shrug) Bad news is that the keyboard on the laptop has degenerated to unusable. Fortunately I have full in home service. I just need a time that I can actually be home for it.

A slight rewind to happy music last week. We went to see Celtic Woman in SD last Monday. It took awhile before I could block out the painful venue. Copley Symphony Hall is not patron friendly. They took an old theatre with a painfully small stage, removed the original lobby and wrapped in a truly atrocious office building around it. The new lobby is so small that a line snaked through it 3 times with people entering the auditorium. The music, however, was amazing. It was worth the price of the ticket just to see the violinist from Riverdance live. (The one that dances all over the stage playing at a thousand miles an hour.) They are touring and if you get a chance try to see it. A lovely blend of Irish and American music and some beautiful voices.

OK I feel better ending with that and will now run off to buy some tastier coffee than my office can produce.
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So it seems one of those weeks where lots its happening but nothing seems overly important.

Steve got back Tuesday afternoon and we have been thoroughly enjoying each others company. (Although the poor boy it still waiting to reclaim the computer room from the visiting felines. Job for tonight me thinks.) Oddly though after a few days I easily start to forget the previous 10 weeks. Which is probably good as it makes the future deployments less daunting.

Still trying to establish the habit of being social. Still didn't get to Darkwave Garden last night. /sigh Try again next week. It really is all about planning ahead. As fun as spontaneity is, it leaves too much room for laziness sometimes.

Music. )

Hair. )

Sleep. )

Work. )
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The Coachella Valley music festival was this weekend. We day tripped Friday.

It was very hot but, then it is in the desert and you'll have that. However lots, lots of good music. Amy Winehouse, Jarvis Cocker, Jesus and Mary Chain,Tokyo Police and Gillian Welch (yea not so much into her. She's from Arkansas and sounds like it.) Along with 31 or so other bands and some really incredible performance art and installations.

And the perfect end?
BJORK! I truly forgot how much fun she is live. And no she didn't have a swan on her head this time. But really how can I not endorse someone who performs barefoot?

The only down side was that we had decided to drive back Friday night (I use that term liberally) We got in around 4AM. It wasn't pretty that I can say.

The only real complaint I have though is that This is usually a 2 day festival that was extended to include Friday as well. This is the first year it was 3 days; And it shows. There was one freeway sign to the site, routing to get through town into the venue was difficult and badly marked. And finally there were NO markings of any kind in the lot until well after we got there around 3. I have I mentioned that I really like that little fob that makes my car beep? They were obviously completely unprepared for an extra day of shows.

I also realized how utterly relaxing 3 day weekends are. Wow I need more of them.

ciao ciao
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List eight songs you are into right now, no matter what the genre, whether they have words, or even if they're not any good but they must be songs you're really enjoying now, and include one or two sentences explaining *WHY* you chose a particular song.

Post these instructions in your LiveJournal along with your eight songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they're listening to...

Consider yourself 'it'.
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...a weekend worth writing about.

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