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I hate those dreams that are so real that you find yourself staring at the wreckage praying frantically that it is all a bad dream, and knowing that it isn't.

I'm getting a little tired of vivid dreaming. The happy, sensuous, "I hope this never ends" ones are not out numbering the carnage.
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Why am I dreaming that I am dating 'McDreamy'? Not Patrick Dempsey, but actually the character from Grey's Anatomy. I do not watch this show. Ever. I saw like 5 episodes first season. Weird. But wait, it gets weirder. We are dating but apparently I am uncomfortable with PDA's. WTF is up with that? You can ask all my friends that have ever wanted to gag with cute that, barring funerals, I am all about the PDA. (Yes I have been reprimanded in a grocery store, but she was just jealous.)
Then we take our cars to the local HS shop class, err why? No clue. He takes mine inside, I take his. I then break pieces off of it and get lost inside the school, looking for the shop class, for hours.
Realy, it is a pretty standard anxiety dream inspired by the many massive changes occurring atm. Location, professional, relationships, et naseum.

So that was Sunday night.
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Sleep has been wonky recently. First I seem to be tired All the time since I got back from Burning Man. (that coupled with how long it is taking for bruises/scratches to heal make anemia a viable suspect. /sigh I hate that game. more spinach for me.) Last night was no exception. I totally crashed after dinner and slept from 7-11. Then I was up til 3, sleep 3-6.
But I woke up to the loveliest dream I have had in a long time. The where and the why is fuzzy but the hugging isn’t. Lots of hugs from lots of people. The really good kind of hugs. Long enough without being awkward and with enough strength to make everything feel safe.
Since things have been kind of yucky lately, waking up to warm fuzzy feelings is nice for a change.
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So today my head was swimming with ideas and plans and desires. Dreams and goals and wants. So around 4 pm I decided that tonight was new year's eve. Tomorrow is the auspicious day when the world is fresh and new. Why wait 2 months to begin what I know I want? So no fast food or tv tonight. Warm goodness and soft candles. Some reading some writing some planning. I'm not going to expound on specifics. Suffice to say that I am feeling bright shiny optimism the blessid eve.

peace + hope + love


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