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Hmmm.. me thinks terminal angst is receding. This is very very goo, this were sorta starting to implode there for a while.

Today I feel very positive, highly motivated and possibly optimistic. Eminent fear of certain upcoming events is lessening. Though one should never under estimate my ability to rapidly switch from bouncy to terrified. Yea maybe I should do something about that. (I am the most optimistic pessimist I know.)

I am currently at my desk bouncing on the balance ball. Yes I have indeed returned to eliciting odd looks from coworkers by Eschewing my desk chair for a 55cm ball. It is good for my posture and consequently my neck/arm issues. Plus bouncing is much more fun than spinning. )
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Holy Crap it's been a month! Well life just is at the moment. The good and the bad seem to be balancing out. After an uncertain start I am starting to settle into the good habits I want to instill into my life. I walked at lunch yesterday, went to the gym this morning and should have Christmas cards out this weekend. Plan for for how to get what I want out of life is ever developing as is the reality of what I want to get out of life.

Work has been erratic and frustrating and messy recently. It is pretty much the 'bad' that I have been experiencing. There is a lot of very boring important stuff going on. Conflicting and disjointed ever growing list of what needs to be done. I think I might be getting some control this week but that could be a delusion.

At home things are much better. Steve and I are happily enjoying copious amounts of happily newlywed-esque time together. Pretty much storing up the good stuff to last the next 13-15 months. (yep they are already talking about the return date being pushed back.) We are also plotting for his 2 week leave next summer. Sorry kids we will most likely miss OTP because we plan to spend the first two weeks of July in...Budapest! Yes we are headed off to beautiful eastern europe. I'm sure other cities will be involved but the initial stop was declared Budapest. We've never been there and my favorite vampire movie was shot there. Really I see no bad part of this.

Also on the traveling note we will be in NoVA from 12/27-1/1. (yes we love to fly on New Year's Day) We plan for much party, food and visiting assorted friends and associated children/babies. (Yes if you have a baby I want to see. squee) Drop me a note if you have a requested day. Our plans are as yet on made so get dibs in now.

Well back to the trenches. I'll try to write more later.


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