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You’re eating breakfast but, that isn’t the point. It’s ham & Cheese but who really cares. It is merely an excuse for the rich, bitter warmth that sits indulgently beside it. If it’s a Sunday morning there is whole milk and real sugar; Monday afternoon on deadline, its strong and black with 2 stevia. I have a coffee for every mood and a mug for all occasions. Espresso, cappuccino, truckstop joe I love it all.
I like finding hole in the wall coffee houses. Places where you share hair dying tips with the chick behind the counter, who doesn't call herself a barista. I like misty mornings on the balcony, late nights with Turkish coffee on a red velvet sofa, the mixed taste of java and playa in the pale light of a desert morning.
I think steve and my sister find it oddly endearing. (at least I hope) At work they just think its another megan quirk, they've found quite a few of those. I am sometimes an addict, but usually just a passionate lover.

So about those mugs... )
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warm and smooth
soft and glowy

hope your afternoon is this nice
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When last we saw our heroine she was being cozy and happily domestic. This good mood lasted the duration of a glorious 4 day weekend. Cut for the sake of length and fl courtesy )
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Yep, I am officially a caffeine junkie and not just a slave to the rich bitter goodness of everyone's favorite beverage. (If you don't drink it, come stay with me for a month. I can convert anyone.) The difference being that after the headache is established, introduction of caffeine can be felt rushing through the blood vessels and taming the savage beast. Feels kinda nice though.

We seem to have avoided the traditional June Gloom season this year. Possibly due to a rather gray spring. I can't decide if this is good or bad. Mainly neutral I think. As sunny only irritates me if I'm in a down swing and I can comfortably stand the sun as long as I get a misty Sunday morning once or twice a month. Also it seems to be inspiring a greater desire to explore nature and seem alot of places that we just haven't got around to visiting yet.
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Did Starbucks kill the local coffee shop?

At the moment, and most other moments for that matter, I say yes. This may be unfair. My local coffee shop/cafe may just have poor business sense. I doubt that's it. In the last 4 years I have lost 3 comfy places to hang out. The most recent being the one closest to my office, The Naked Bean Cafe. They are unfortunately across the street from a Starbucks. I have trouble believing this is not a factor in their eminent closing this Thursday. I do believe in capitalism but, I also believe in buying locally. I hate the continued homogenization of American culture. The similarity of suburbs in N. VA, Kansas City and Southern CA is disturbing. These places should not look the same. (Don't even get me started on the fact that there is a McDonald's across the piazza from the Pantheon in Rome.) Also please remember that buying local isn't just about culture it is also ecologically sound. Local business tends to buy locally for this like baked goods and supplies. This means less shipping distance, hence less fuel/resources consumed. But to be honest my desire for a local shop is selfish. I love a place with flavor and ambiance. Friendly staff with the time and desire to chat. (You want to know how to keep your hair vibrantly pink? Ask the chick behind the counter. ;))

So starting friday I will be perfecting my home brew and spending more time in Encinitas at The E Street Cafe. (Live music every Friday and Saturday, stop in if you're in town)

So the moral of my story. When you get the chance buy local. Go to the non-franchised grocery, join a co-op, support your local coffeehouse. I can guarantee you won't be disappointed. (ok not Guarantee but you know what I mean.)

peace + love + coffee


May. 6th, 2007 21:27
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So a few realizations this afternoon.
1) Coffee makes me happy. Its not the caffeine. Its the flavor, the texture, the comfort of the warmth between my hands. (ok maybe a little bit the caffeine.)

2)I really need a new grinder.

3) #2 spawned research which led to a desire for a uprade to a pump espresso machine

4) The above lead me to wanting a set of really elegant cappucino glasses. The european 6 oz kind.

/sigh too many toys to get.


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