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Signal Boost! This is the site of a photographer that does beautiful work. She is having trouble finding gigs right now so is trying to sell more of her art prints. If you enjoy fine photography check it out. She is currently running a 20% off special. To access the store go to Featured then click Fine Art Store.


For more info on her and what's going on check out her LJ: http://babyslime.livejournal.com/

Enjoy the Pretties.
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Something beautiful for a beautiful grey day.

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So Saturday was museum day. I went to the Guggenheim and MoMA with J. Dizzyllama and quixotic_goat came along to the Guggenheim but left early to go to the movies. The main exhibition running in the Rotunda right now is Haunted: Contemporary Photography/Video/Performance. It was captivating. There were also several smaller exhibitions in the peripheral galleries. The space as well is an exhibition in and of itself.
By the time I got to MoMA I was pretty tired, even after a break for lunch. (Mmmm spinach pizza) So we didn't stay there long. Which is unusual for me. Typically I can easily do two major museums in one day. (I did 9 hours of museums once, now that one hurt.) So we picked two exhibits and then chilled in the sculpture garden. They first exhibit was a look at were prints and illustrated book layouts by Picasso.
We then hit one architecture and one design exhibit.
The architecture exhibit was the work of an 8-week charette by 5 architecture teams exploring 5 different NY waterfront sights and how they can be altered to address future environmental and financial challenges.
Rising Currents: Projects for New York's Waterfront

Finally we took in a housewares/furniture design exhibit discussing the idea, held in the early/mi twentieth century, that the museums should be informing the average person's design choices at home. An interesting idea, not sure how I feel about it.
What was Good Design? MoMA's message 1944-1956

By the time we were through I was totally brain fried and really got very little out of the last exhibit and not as much out of the other two as I would have liked.

We then met up with the boys for a walk across the Brooklyn bridge and Turkish food for dinner.
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We spent the morning in Central Park. Starting at the Natural History Museum and worked our way south. It was lovely and relaxing. We went in with a map and not really a plan. That seems to be my travel plan these days, but wandering is fun and that was the name of the game this weekend. Then we headed into midtown and visited Rockefeller center, before heading to Grand Central for lunch with J. We visited the Morgan Library, where J works, which has a beautiful atrium connecting the museum and library. It was designed by Renzo Piano and is absolutely gorgeous. I unfortunately couldn't take pictures and didn't have a sketch book. :( (need to get a new one of those) After that we said good-bye to J and went in search of the Highline. ( www.thehighline.org ) It is the old elevated train tracks that have been converted into gardens and a walking path. It is very well done. With many allusions to its origin. We walked the full length from 20th St down to the West Village. Where we wandered around and had dinner at a great mexican place. (Tequila cured salmon ceviche with mango pico de gallo and orange infused salt. omg yumm)

It was a wonderful day topped off by white wine and scrabble with J and dizzylama.
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I think my muse is taunting me. She will pop up and throw out the loveliest, most beautiful ideas, then run off and hide under a hidden rock. Err...thanks. Really. Inspired lack of motivation is so much fun.

So how does one capture a muse long enough to actually create something beautiful. Can I catch her in a book like a pressed faerie? Probably not.
Working on that one.

Made a good start last night started laying out collages of the trip east and the piercings. Also going through older work for more ideas.
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So things are starting to get moving for Burning Man '09. (Who knows we might even choreograph something this month..or not) I have 2 projects brewing. #1 is a pole and canopy playa installation. But the second I think is my stroke of genius for the week. The 2009 Burning Man BACON survey. This will be the most advanced research ever done into the eternal question: Is bacon THE gateway meat? There have been rumours that strict vegetarians have been caught consuming pig fat in the desert. Is this true? And WHY?
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Black Rock Art Project

Creative juices are flowing. As the San Diego Fire Conclave starts to gear up for next year so do my planning tendencies. I decided last week that I really want to do a playa installation. I also felt that I wanted it to have some personal criteria. brain dump behind cut )
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I have updated the picassa albums with Vienna and the Dublin/London/Stonhenge B&Ws.
It's a rough edit and more tourist than art. I have some work to do before I do a DeviantArt update. I will keep you apprised of the status.

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ok ok a bit of a melodramatic title but, hey you all should used to that by now.

Art is emotion, at least in my world. I'm not a technical artist I just don't have the skills and never had the interest or patience to get them.

When I'm happy I make space and light. (the legacy of my early hero. Louis Isadore Kahn This is a pretty good idea of Kahn. )
rooms, theatre, lights, film

When I'm not happy? I paint/collage and write. You all get too much of my bad writing as it is so will post 2 of my better paintings. Both of these were done mostly in the dark. )
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Out of the office before 5 today. Damn that feels good. A nice long nap. And corn dogs for dinner.

Of course that means I'm up at 2. Wide awake at 2. It feels nice. Cheesy movies at 2 AM feels nice.

Tomorrow's Friday. Casual no pressure Friday.

So more inspiration from the memes. (See not just myspace cheese)
Apparently the art movement I am most like is Expressionism. While I love art, I mostly know artists and really don't worry too much about what box some academic stuck them in. (I will maintain this stance until someone can explain in measurable terms the difference between Baroque and Proto-Baroque. =P)
So I went looking for the what and the who. And I found that I am in fact an expressionist at heart.

Kandinsky -- http://www.latifm.com/artists/image/kandinsky-wassily-farbstudie.jpg

Munch -- http://www.mentalfloss.com/wp-content/uploads/2006/08/munch.madonna.jpg

Chagall -- http://www.shannonsauction.com/auct_l/det/Chagall%20L082%20copy.jpg

Marc -- http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/3/32/Franz_Marc_020.jpg

So today's mission, should you choose to accept it, is to venture forth and find beauty. Take a picture, take a walk, sing a song. Post it and you will be rewarded by a renewed joie de vivre. And most likely a comment by me.

peace + love + beauty
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So I have decided to put some of my stuff out there. So I have a gotten a deviant account. Some of my recent photos are up. More stuff will come up as I get them onto this machine. Have fun kids.



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